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Excellence Award  2019-20

Grace Campbell and Crea O'Sullivan.jpg

Awards presentation 2020, Lady Gregory Hotel Gort. Picture L-R; Fiona Buckley, Flan Noonan, Mary Noonan(ENMB Committee), Grace Campbell, Crea O'Sullivan, Emma Connor (ENMB Committee). Rear; Declan Noonan (ENMB Committee)

Grace Campbell

Crea O'Sullivan

Crea Sullivan - ENMB.jpg

"I have been privilege to have played with Eimear so it was such an honour to have been part of something so important and special.

I have been playing violin for 16 years and currently studying music in Trinity College Dublin. This bursary has helped me in so many ways. I allowed me to continue violin lessons with an excellent violin teacher in Dublin; Karl Sweeney. I had planned to take part in Feis Ceoil Dublin, however the competitions did not go ahead, and instead I got the chance to take part in an online masterclass with the violinist David Tobin.

The bursary has given me the chance and support to expand my resources to studying music in college, including buying necessary software and equipment for recording.

I am so grateful to have been part of this incredible event and I would like to thank both Mary & Flan Noonan and everyone else involved for their kindness and for spreading such an important message of helping young people in the west of Ireland access high quality Music Education."

Award for Excellence in Music

Noonan SHONAGH-11.jpg

Eoghan Power-Excellence in Composition and Performance (2019/20)

"I was fortunate to be the recipient of the Eimear Noonan Music Bursary award for Excellence in 2019.

I received a beautiful trophy and an extremely generous sum of money with the award title being 'Excellence in Music and Composition'. This foundation is such a credit to the who Noonan Family. To have had experienced such a tragic accident involving their daughter and to turn around and make sure that her memory lives on by helping musicians such as myself by funding our careers is exactly what the word 'admirable' epitomizes. 

with such a generous bursary I will be supported to be able to buy musical instruments that will assist me in my studies and work even harder on my dream to become a film score writer." 

​Shonagh Farrell- Excellence in Singing and Community Music (2019/20)

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